Hui is a wonderful practitioner of acupuncture medicine. She helped me with GI issues now I no longer take medication. While I was training for the Chicago Marathon she helped me with healing my IT band, right calf and ankle tendon issues.. She has a wonderful outlook on healing and great bedside manner. She is one of the best acupuncturist I have used in my journey for healing.

~ S. M.

I’ve been treated with acupuncture for many years. However, the experience with Hui Dong was especially wonderful. She is truly a gifted healer who treated me for severe plantar facilitis. The heel and arch pain was so intense that I was on crutches. After treatment with Hui, I walked out of the office without crutches and after only 4 treatments, the heel and arch pain was resolved! Get rid of your pain – make an appointment with Hui Dong today!

~ B. K

Hui is the best! I went to Hui for some help with my hearing. She gave me some herbs for sinusitis, tinnitus and dizziness. After the first cup of herb tea my clogged eustachian tubes were cleared! I could hear again! This stuff is better than Flonase! I avoided having to have my eardrum punctured and drained thanks to her care!

~ R. K
A few years ago I was diagnosed with a severe osteoarthritis and partial spinal stenosis. My pains were so bad that I decided to retire much earlier than I had planned before. I went through endless cortisone shots, lumbar and cervical epidurals, physical therapy, oral meds like voltaren and meloxicam, you name it. Sure, I went to many Bone and Joint Institute doctors, rheumatologists, anesthesiologists… I can’t even remember all those names. But I will forever remember one doctor’s name and the day I saw her. It was a doctor named Jennifer Capezio from the Lake Forest hospital, a well known rheumatologist I waited for two months to have an appointment with. She was so kind to give me her time after hours, listened to me, examined me, confirmed my diagnosis, agreed with all my meds I had been taking, and then she opened her drawer and gave me a business card of Hui Dong, and she said: “It will be something new for you but try this acupuncturist. It might help you. I myself have nothing to add to your treatment as you have already had everything possible to reduce your terrible pains”. Read More...Read Less...

That is how I found Hui Dong, my first acupuncturist ever. As soon as I saw Hui and talked to her I was fascinated by her incredible personality, her inner spiritual generosity and her highly professional approach as she spend over one hour with me listening and touching all my painful spots and joints. Then she gave me a session with needles in her magical warm treatment room with a relaxing music and her own caring and soothing voice while she inserted the needles with a lot of care and concern not to bring any more pain to my long suffering body.

Well, driving to Hui’s office for the first time I thought that I would try like one or two sessions just out of curiosity and then I would have to be back to my daily painkillers for the rest of my life. However, just after one session with Hui I decided to have my sessions with her every other day. Believe it or not but Hui learned all my painful spots and with every other session she knew all those particular spots on my body to insert her needle. It was totally amazing if not to say more.

When I came to Hui for my first appointment my pain score was 10 out of 1-10 (from low to high). After the first two treatments my pain went down to 6, and as I continued my treatments three times per week for two weeks it went down to 3. Right now I am between 1-2 but I have weeks when I have no pain at all. Before starting my sessions with Hui I took voltaren 75mg and meloxicam 15 mg on a daily basis, morning and night. Hui gave me a chance not to take my painkillers at all. It means a lot for me because at some point these meds stop working, and you have to run for a cortisone shot which rarely works.

My pains become less with every treatment, and after almost 7-8 sessions I was able to take my weekly sessions only. Now I plan to see Hui monthly for maintenance and further improvement. That is how Hui helped me to get rid of my oral painkillers which I hate to take. No wonder, I would never do any epidurals ever in my life. I will go to Hui only. I was so satisfied with Hui’s treatments that I convinced my husband to go to her office too because he had a lot of pains all over his body. Now both of us are Hui’s patients. She is a terrific person.

Hui is simply a born acupuncturist. Her devotion, her professional passion and her absolutely celestial compassion are incomparable. Hui is a real healer, a talented and kind person. One of the most priceless qualities she possesses is her professional honesty. You can fully trust her as she has no other goals in her medical practice but to help her patients.

With all this said I strongly recommend Hui to anyone who suffers. Once you visit her clinic, you will know why I have written such a long review.

~ D.A.

Hui Dong at Lake Bluff Acupuncture is an amazing acupuncturist! I came to Hui with four issues. Each of my health issues and symptoms have decreased dramatically since seeing Hui for a series of 7 acupuncture treatments! Most notably, the tinnitus I had been suffering from in my right ear is so quiet now, I can sleep through the night and I barely notice it anymore! My digestive issues have also improved so much that I almost feel normal for the first time in 20 years.

Hui is very knowledgeable and skilled in acupuncture, acupressure, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and suggestions for dietary and lifestyle changes. We tried different herbs and food combinations to treat my digestive problems and Hui always had new ideas and tried new techniques to improve my results. For example, she treated me for a sty in my eye (with acupuncture) that was just beginning to manifest, and voila! The painful and ugly sty completely disappeared the next day! As part of my treatment plan, Hui was using acupuncture to help with emotional balance, and I noticed my outlook on life in general became more positive, and some social events I was dreading did not induce the usual anxiety-and I actually enjoyed myself!

One of the best things about Hui is that she spends time with you- not pushing you out the door, like medical doctors do. I could always tell that Hui had spent time reviewing my case and strategizing ways to improve my results. Also, while she was treating me, she would tell me what she was doing and why - I felt completely informed and I appreciated being told about the acupuncture points she was using. Hui is very easy to talk to, maintains privacy, and is very focused on helping you heal- but also helping you help yourself heal. I cannot say enough good things about Hui, and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to FEEL BETTER!!

~ M. H
I started seeing Hui when I needed relief from my carpal tunnel syndrome. I work with my hands daily and had extreme pain in my shoulders, arms and neck. Through Hui's attention to my well being, I began to find relief in order to endure my continued need to work at my current job. During one of our sessions, I revealed to Hui that I was diagnosed with gallstones several years ago. I had gone to the acupuncture clinic in Racine as an alternate to surgery. I had several different clinicians but never had the results I have experienced with Hui. She is incredibly thorough in her research for her treatment plan of my condition. I am always grateful for her dedication to her technical skills and her patients well-being. About a month ago, I was diagnosed with shingles. With only two treatments, Hui was able to minimize my pain and suffering from this virus and I was able to continue normal activities without much discomfort. I am so grateful to Hui for her focus to my well-being, she is a gift of health and wellness to anyone who is wise enough to have her as their acupuncturist. Thank you Hui!
~ J. H
Amazing migraine relief! I have suffered from migraines since I was nine years old. They would last from 3 to 9 days. I have recently became allergic to all medications containing aspirin. This left me with little choice of non narcotic medication. Recently I traveled to Illinois with my daughter. I had a severe migraine for two days. My daughter suggested acupuncture. At that point I figured I had nothing to lose. After a brief interview, Hui carefully placed needles in certain pressure points. I could not believe that within minutes my awful migraine was gone! and did not return. My hot flashes also went down significantly as well! I am so thankful for Hui's help.
~ C. N
Dear Hui: I have been suffering with incessant itching on my shoulder for over 30 years. Your care and instruction has almost completely eliminated the itching. I am more than satisfied with and highly recommend your services.
~ C. M.
Hui is skilled in various alternative healing techniques. She is completely dedicated to the well-being of their patients, and she works tirelessly to improve their health. I can highly recommend her.
~ L. H.